Fiber-to-the-Home is coming to Medina County.

What's happening?

Medina County Fiber will bring open access fiber networks to homes in Medina County, starting with Guilford, Lodi, Seville, and Westfield Center.

What does "open access" mean?

Open access networks allow multiple services and service providers to operate on a single network. This arrangement gives customers the ability to pick and choose services, from varying providers, according to their needs and budget. All subscribers can use a simple online services marketplace platform to make their selections.

What are the next steps?

1) Express your interest in joining this new network: Take a quick survey to show your interest in reliable and affordable high-speed internet, and encourage your neighbors to do the same! Survey responses will help us better understand your needs and build a network designed for you.

2) Sign up for services: Once your neighborhood reaches the required level of interest, you'll be prompted to sign up for services. This is the final step before we start deploying in your area.

3) We start construction: We'll begin the feasibility assessment for communities across the threshold, and then commence build-out!

4) You're connecting and ready to get online!

Throughout the whole process, we will proactively engage directly with community members so each resident understands the service offerings and what’s happening.

How can you get involved to support this project?

Projects like this need network Founders to spread the word. These Founders will help lead the grassroots marketing campaigns designed to educate, energize, and drive engagement to make this a successful and sustainable project. If you’re interested in becoming a Founder, check the box in the survey.

If you’re not sure about being a Founder, we still need all residents to take this survey that will help us map demand. The results of this survey will also help design the most efficient construction plan.

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